The Baakens Valley

The Baakens Room is named after the Baakens Valley. The Baakens Valley runs alongside the Baakens River, which is about 23 km long and has its source in the Hunters Retreat area, entering the sea through the harbour.

The GUINEA-FOWL TRAIL which follows the Baakens Valley begins at Hawthorne Avenue, Sunridge Park.

The shorter 7,5km Lower Trail starts at the Third Avenue Dip in Newton Park, leading down river to Settlers Park and Brickmakers Kloof.

The river is crossed on numerous occasions by stepping stones and these may become hazardous or impassable after rain.

The river also passes through the 54-hectare tranquil Settler's Park, which is located in the heart of the City. The park has three entrances and may be accessed via How Avenue, just off Park Drive; Chelmsford Avenue, just off Target Kloof or from Third Avenue, Walmer.

The Park also offers short walks that may commence from any of these entrances.

The Park facilities include a flower display house, a Marquette of the 1820 Settlers' Statue, indigenous flora, rock pools with stepping-stones and grassed areas ideal for picnicking.

The Park is rich in bird life, small buck and other fauna.

The Baakens Valley


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